Privacy Policy

The Company considers it our important duty or obligation to protect all personal information held by the Company in connection with the Company's business operation. Therefore, the Company formulates a Privacy Policy as follows and strives to protect personal information to gain trust from the society extensively.

The Company appropriately handles personal information in accordance with relevant ordinances, guidelines established by the goverment, other regulations and all sorts of rules formulated by the Company, and ensures that all our employees engaged are thoroughly informed of the Company's privacy policy.

1. Appropriate collection, use, offer and entrustment of personal information

(1)In collecting personal information, the Company specifies the purpose of use and collects information within the necessary range, notifies or announces the purpose of use and uses the information within the range of the purpose.

(2)Personal information collected shall not be provided or disclosed to third parties except for the following cases:

[1]In case that consent is obtained from the person concerned in advance; [2]In case that the Company judges it as appropriate for the Company's related corporate group or agencies to answer or respond to inquiry of the person, judging from the content of inquiry or others;[3]In case that it is necessary to disclose personal information to business outsourcees or business partners with whom the Company has concluded confidentiality agreement in advance in order to execute the purpose of collection specified to the person;[4]In case that it is necessary to disclose personal information to financial institutions for the settlement of the payment in using the services rendered by the Company;[5]In case that personal data are disclosed in a state the person himself/herself cannot be recognized (statistical materials etc.); and[6]In case that personal data are offered or disclosed in accordance with provisions of ordinances or guidelines.

(3)When personal data are entrusted to and used by a third party, the Company discusses the appropriateness of entrustment in light of the status of security measures of the third party and properly supervises the third party (outsourcees) by providing personal information under the confidentiality agreement with the third party (outsources).

2. Security measures for personal information

In order to prevent and correct illegal access to, leak of, loss of or damage to personal information, the Company implements and operates systems including rules, and strives for security measures.

3. Improvement measures

The Company makes efforts to precisely respond to changes of social environments in handling personal information. Moreover, the Company makes efforts for betterment, including changes, revisions or additions to all sorts of rules, such as this Policy, shall be made if necessary.

4. Response to disclosure, claim for correction and other requests

When the person thinks that the Company does not observe the Private Policy or the person wishes to disclose, correct, add, delete or suspend the use of personal information, the Company responds to it without delay based on the procedures prescribed by the Company.

Contact For any questions and complaints about our handling of specific personal information, etc., please contact the following division:
Responsible division General Affairs & Legal Division
Tel (03) 6221-2201
Inquiry by e-mail “Inquiry” on the Company’s website

5. Handling complaints

The Company makes efforts to appropriately and promptly cope with complaints on handling personal information.

Contact Please contact the division of 4. above.

Purposes of use of personal information

The whole or part of personal information offered to the Company is used for the following purposes:

(1) Specific personal information
 ?、賁pecific personal information, etc. of clients
   ?To prepare payment records regarding real estate transactions; and
   ?To prepare payment records regarding remunerations, fees, contract payments and monetary awards.
 ?、赟pecific personal information, etc. of shareholders
   ?To prepare payment records regarding dividends and distribution of surplus.
 ?、跾pecific personal information, etc. of the Company’s employees, etc
   ?To prepare withholding tax certificates;
   ?To file reports, notifications and applications regarding workers' property accumulation savings for housing
    and workers' property accumulation pension savings; and
   ?To provide an employee stockholding association with personal information of its members for preparation
    by the association of payment records.
   【Social insurance】
   ?To file notifications, applications and claims regarding health insurance and employees' pension insurance;
   ?To file notifications, applications and claims and prepare certificates regarding employment insurance and
    industrial accident insurance.
 ?、躍pecific personal information, etc. of spouses and relatives of the Company’s employees, etc.
   ?To prepare withholding tax certificates.
   【Social insurance】
   ?To file notifications regarding health insurance and employees' pension insurance.

(2) Other personal information
 ?、賂o respond to inquiry or consultation;
 ?、赥o provide services registered or applied;
 ?、跿o introduce, offer and manage all sorts of services rendered by the Company’s related corporate group
    or partner companies;
 ?、躎o offer services using mails (direct mails), e-mail communications, fax communications or other tools;
 ?、軫or business negotiations or meetings with customers or clients;
 ?、轋or congratulatory or condolence greetings to clients;
 ?、逨or execution of agreements or contracts; and
 ?、郥o provide recruit information for job applications, make contact and execute personnel selection.

Enacted on October 1, 2005
Revised on December 1, 2015

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