Logistics Solutions

Applying AZUMA solutions to resolve any logistical issues of our customers, by developing an efficient logistics system, or establishing an eco-friendly reverse logistics system, etc.

We develop the logistics system that fits the needs of each client based on the experience and know-how as a total logistics company and offer 3PL (3rd party logistics) to realize streamlined logistics operations and reduction in logistics costs.
Azuma actively promotes corporate activities for realizing a recyclable society and preserving the environment, so that we can pass on a fertile and abundant environment to the next generation. Our initiatives include using eco-friendly car-ferry transportation, facilitating a modal shift to lessen the environmental burden of our operations, and providing our customers with logistics solutions that take into account environmental preservation. Also, by leveraging our acquired know-how in cement transportation, we have built a reverse logistics system (integrated transportation of waste through land and sea routes) for the safe, secure and speedy transportation of all types of industrial waste to recycling factories. Through these activities, we are contributing to the development of a recyclable society.

3PL (3rd Party Logistics)

Azuma's logistics solutions that capitalize on our "five areas of strengths"

Development of logistics system is a major task for a business, and corporate performance largely depends on the success of such development.
More efficient system leads to smaller logistics costs and greater customer satisfaction. It eventually enhances competitiveness of the company.
We analyze the clients' existing logistics system and create a more efficient one on top of it.

Advantages the Logistics System AZUMA provides and its Workflow

Advantages the Logistics System AZUMA provides and its Workflow

We analyze the clients' logistics to pick up potential needs and problems, and propose an optimal logistics system on that basis.
We will keep up these analysis and proposals on an ongoing basis after the development of the system.

  • Advantage
    Efficient cost reduction and visualization of the workflow
  • Advantage
    Enhancement of customer's satisfaction
  • Advantage
    Concentration of management resources on core businesses
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Environmental Solutions

Coal ash (industrial waste)

Car-ferry transportation

Industrial Waste Transportation Services

Transportation of Coal Ash (Cinder, Dust) through Land and Sea Routes

To support the recycling of coal ash (fly ash) generated at coal-fired thermal power stations, we provide extensive transportation services including maritime transportation to oceanfront cement factories, land transportation to inland cement factories, as well as maritime transportation to Korean cement manufacturers.

Integrated Multi-Modal Transportation of Waste through Land and Sea Routes by Modal Shift

We have successfully launched an eco-friendly and low-cost reverse logistics services using integrated land transportation combined with maritime transportation routes using ferries.

General Waste Transportation Services

Nationwide Transportation of Incinerated Ash of Urban Refuse (General Waste)

Cement manufacturers are contributing to the extended life of landfill sites, by recycling incinerated ash of household refuse into cement.
We developed special vehicles with tightly enclosed waste containers to eliminate leakage and spillage, which are deployed in land transportation in Kanto region as well as nationwide transportation using car-ferries.

Transportation of Buried Residual Byproducts and Recyclable Resources

Integrated Transportation of Soil Come from Construction and Contaminated Soil through Land and Sea Routes

To support appropriate treatment of soil coming from construction sites across Japan and other contaminated soil, such as cleaning or recycling into cement, we provide integrated transportation including land transportation from the site of generation to the sea ports, harbor warehousing and reshipment, and then maritime transportation by ship.

Integrated Transportation of RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel) through Land and Sea Routes

RPF generated from intermediary processing plants in urban areas is loaded into open top containers and transported via land and sea using coastal container ships. RPF is often recycled as fuel due to its high combustion efficiency.

Transportation of Recycled Products

Transportation of
carbonized sludge

Transportation of
liquefied stabilized soil
Land Transportation of Carbonized Sewage Sludge

Sewage sludge which, when carbonized, can be recycled into fuel, is expected as promising new substitute for fossil fuel in the future because of its positive effect on the reduction of CO2. We are engaged in the transportation of carbonized sewage sludge from the sewage sludge carbonization facility in the eastern sludge plant of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, to thermal power stations, as the first transportation undertaking of this kind in Japan.

Land Transportation of Liquefied Stabilized Soil

Soil in the form of sludge from construction sites is recycled as liquefied stabilized soil (backfill). This recycled liquefied stabilized soil is transported back to the construction sites.

Waste Disposal Services

Partnerships with the Proper Waste Disposers

Azuma is working on building a nationwide network for waste processing by partnering with the right waste disposers to provide a wide range of services enabling the recycling of waste as cement, raw materials and fuel.

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