Domestic Transportation Services

From large trailer rigs to eco-friendly car-ferry service, we offer various types of domestic transportation solutions using the many different types of trucks in our fleet.

We swiftly deliver required cargo to our customers, from the mass transportation of large cargo such as cement, steel, stones, glass and secondary cement products to the export and import cargo containers at container terminals, with a fleet of large trailer rigs of various types including cement carriers and large-scale trailers.
We have also established a corporate structure to respond to the needs for eco-friendly car-ferry transportation services, and offer a diverse range of transportation services including general cargoes such as foodstuff and household goods, to personal effects when removing. Moreover, we are actively promoting eco-friendly operation, such as obtaining environment friendly management (Green Management) certification.

Truck Transportation Services

Cement carriers (right photo) are specially built to transport powder cargo. We have 10 ton and also 20 ton trailers, for transporting large items and other cargo under a system designed to meet the needs of customers. These vehicles are also available to transport incinerated ash (Note 1) from the municipalities and the private sectors, as one of the many ways of actively contributing to our environmental business.
We have been awarded the G-mark meant for a superior trucking operator, and we are continually striving to be a company that is trusted by its customers, through implementing appropriate vehicle management and staff training in our efforts to ensure safe and secure operations.

(Note 1) Incinerated ash is urban refuse generated from municipal waste disposal facilities; and is used as raw materials of cement.


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Ocean Container Trucking Services

Our first priority is to realize the safe, secure and speedy delivery of cargo, from within the container terminals to the customers at their requested time and place.

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Car-ferry Transportation Services

Car-ferry transportation is the key to an efficient logistics network that covers all regions of Japan with a land extending 3,000 kilometers north to south, surrounded by the sea in all directions.
Moreover, integrated transportation through land and sea using car-ferries is an eco-friendly mode of logistics as it leads to the reduction of CO2 emission.

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