Coastal/International Services

Coastal/Internatioal Services

Safe, Secure and Speedy, we can meet our clients’ requirements for both coastal and international shipments, taking advantage of the “S” class expertise that we have developed in the cement bulk cargo business.

Azuma has half a century of experience as a pioneer in cement shipping since the shipping operation of "Ryuyo Maru" started in 1952. By leveraging our extensive experience and reliable expertise, we strive to build and maintain sophisticated carriers and ensure stable cargo transportation and efficient operations. Our outstanding services have won the trust of our clients.
From transportation of powders, including calcium carbonate, coal ash, and slag, to general cargo, we have steadily expanded the scope of our business, taking advantage of the expertise developed over many years in the cement shipping business.

Coastal Shipping Services

Maritime Transportation of Cement by Cement CarriersMaritime Transportation of Cement by Cement Carriers

Maritime Transportation of Cement by Cement Carriers

With a fleet of 17 cement carriers (70,816 D/W), Azuma expands a nationwide network to meet the needs of our customers.
In addition, the online shipping system linked with our customers enables the safe, secure and speedy real-time allocation of vessels.

Powder cargo carrier/at a thermal power station
Powder cargo carrier
(at a thermal power station)
Loading of coal ash/at a thermal power station
Loading of coal ash
(at a thermal
power station)

Maritime Transportation of Calcium Carbonate, Coal Ash and Slag by Powder Cargo Carriers

The 5 powder cargo carriers (8,003 D/W) utilizing our original expertise, deliver calcium carbonate (powdered limestone) from cement factories to thermal power stations, and then carry back coal ash from these stations to the cement factories, where the coal ash is used as a substitute for clay, a raw material of cement.
Slag from steel plants is also used as a raw material of cement. Azuma is actively pushing ahead with the safe transportation of industrial waste to cement factories, as a part of our efforts to preserve the environment.

(Note) From the perspective of environmental preservation, flue-gas desulfurization equipment is placed in coal-fired thermal power stations, in which calcium carbonate is used as the desulfurizing agent.

Stevedoring calcium sulfate
Stevedoring calcium sulfate

Maritime Transportation of Calcium Sulfate, Limestone and Other Cargo by General Cargo Carriers

The 5 general cargo carriers (6,088 D/W) mainly carry calcium sulfate generated from the desulfurization at power stations to cement factories (for cement admixture) and plasterboard manufacturers (for a raw material of boards).
They also transport limestone to crushing plants to use as a raw material for desulfurization, as well as to cement factories to use as a raw material of white cement.

These general cargo carriers are also widely used for general coastal shipping services.

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International Shipping Services

International Shipping ServicesInternational Shipping Services

Fully capitalizing on the experience and technical expertise developed in our coastal cement shipping, we are actively providing international powder cargo shipping as well. Currently we have 3 powder cargo carriers (23,957 D/W) operating on the Japan-Korea/Japan-Hongkong route.
We also offer international shipping of general cargo to destinations including China and Southeast Asia, and are steadily expanding the areas in which we provide services.

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Environmental Initiatives

Regarding the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted from ships, the Revised Energy- Saving Law (the Revised Law Concerning the Rational Use of Energy), which is based on the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and Kyoto Protocol Target Achievement Plan, has been enacted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) for promotion of efficient energy use. Azuma will work towards reducing fuel consumption per transportation unit to realize the efficient transportation of cargo by coastal ships under the Revised Energy-Saving Law.

Specific Initiatives

Reduction of ship resistance

Reduce friction resistance

Devices to improve propelling power

Minimize wasted rotational flow

Electronically-controlled fuel injection engine

Reduce CO2 and NOX, etc.

Effective application of exhaust gas energy

Adopt Stirling power generato

Fuel reforming device

Enhance fuel-efficiency by making fuel lighter

Construction of electric propulsion ship

Rotate the propeller by electric motor

Urea SCR denitrification device

Contribute to environmental research through field tests

Acquisition of Green Management Certification

Promote environmentally-friendly management


Management System for Safe Transportation

As a part of facilitating Transportation Safety Management as promoted by the MLIT, Azuma will establish and maintain a safe management system incorporating PDCA cycle concepts, from top management through to the on-site level.
We will strive to make our shipping operations even safer by undergoing the MLIT Transportation Safety Management Assessment.


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