Export/Import -Related Services

With our state of the art equipment and seasoned staff, we offer terminal transportation services ranging from terminal operation to shipping agency. We also offer a range of additional logistics services to facilitate transportation and optimize your supply chain. These solutions are offered by our experienced and capable staff, who are deeply familiar with customs procedures and handling cargo in each shipping in field.

Efficient handling of cargo in the container yard is the key to quicker delivery of the client's cargo. Our seasoned staff located in Port of Tokyo and other major ports, are providing various container yard operations on a blanket basis. Furthermore, we will provide fine-tuned services while further promoting safety in our operation, through streamlining our container receiving/delivery operations integrating hardware and software by deploying state of the art transfer crane and other equipment, as well as developing systems capitalizing on our wealth of experience over the years, to support our clients' global logistics.
Moreover, global logistics involves export and import customs clearance that interface domestic and overseas markets, harbor warehousing, and optimal transportation arrangement. Our registered customs specialists with a range of expertise and wealth of experience are engaged in prompt export/import-related processing on behalf of our clients, including documentation necessary for customs declaration and other formalities with authorities, while providing advice on export/import reflecting characteristic of each client.
In addition, in major ports including Port of Tokyo, we have various types of warehouses to accommodate the diversified needs of clients. At each warehouse, we provide optimal storage environment for all types of cargo including raw materials, foods and industrial machineries, providing distributive processing and delivery services including inspection, packing, labeling, and stuffing.

Customs Brokerage for Export and Import Shipments Clearance

Customs Brokerage for Export and Import Shipments Clearance is the business of undertaking the customs clearance procedures in the overseas trade on behalf of clients on request, which is a crucial stage in the flow of logistics. This business requires sophisticated knowledge in customs clearance as well as goods/cargoes to be shipped. Thus we have developed and maintained an infrastructure focused not only on assisting clients do their business efficiently, but also giving them reassurance in outsourcing their business.

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Warehousing Services

Our warehouses provide an environment in which all types of goods can be safely and securely speedily stored while ensuring the maintenance of quality. With our state of the art cargo handling equipment along with seasoned stevedoring expertise, we handle and store clients' precious goods with utmost care, meeting their diversified needs to support their logistics strategies. Meanwhile, we provide on request distributive processing including packing and inspection, to materialize streamlined logistics.

Main Warehouses

Kanto Area
  • Tokyo Ohi Distribution Center
  • Tokyo Aomi Distribution Center
  • Tokyo World Distribution Center
  • Odaiba Distribution Center
  • Yokohama Daikoku Office (Daikoku T-1)
  • Chiba Urayasu Distribution Center
  • Gunma Ohta Distribution Center
  • Gunma Isesaki Distribution Center
Chubu and Kinki Area
  • Nagoya Yatomi Vanning Center
  • Aichi Tobishima Distribution Center
  • Osaka Daiichi Tottei Shed
Kyushu Area
  • Fukuoka Kashii Distribution Center
  • Fukuoka Hazardous Cargo Warehouse
  • Fukuoka Kashii Distribution Center
  • Fukuoka Shinmoji Distribution Center
  • Fukuoka Tachinoura Warehouse
Hokkaido Area
  • Sapporo Distribution Center
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Terminal Operations

Yard Operation

Right from the planning stage, we utilize our state of the art terminal system, deploying the cargo handling equipment including gantry cranes, rail transfer cranes and top lifters for use in the stevedoring of ships as well as container delivery, to provide efficient and safe logistics services.

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Ocean Container Trucking

Our first priority is to realize the safe, secure and speedy delivery of cargo from within container terminals to customers at their requested time and place.

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Packing Services

Our Group provides safe, secure and speedy packing services for all types of export cargo from LCL size to large-scale plants, which also helps to keep logistics costs down.

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